Twig is an education based salon dedicated to the art of natural beauty.

Co-owned and operated by two professional hair stylists with more than 30 years combined experience in coloring and cutting techniques, Haley Brekken and Heather Shine’s mission is to provide the best hair services in town.

Since March 2009, Twig has proudly embraced the Boulder tradition of environmental awareness and local community involvement.

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Twig Hair Salon

Twig Hair Salon

The Team

The owners of Twig personally select each stylist based of that individual’s integrity, positive attitude and choice to be part of a leading team of hairdressers that believe in a high level of excellence.

Every stylist must complete a full in house education program and pass specialized tests before performing any hair styling services at twig.

We are blessed to have such a strong and talented team.


At Twig, we take education very seriously. It starts with a comprehensive and detailed look at the structure and balance of all types of hair and specific haircuts. We use an educational format that blends barbering skills and a hairstylist point of view with an in-depth look at color theory and principles.

Once on the floor, our commitment to education continues with an ongoing education calendar that every stylist is required to complete. Stylists are also encouraged to travel around the country to gain perspective and knowledge on the latest trends and techniques.  



Community Involvement

One of our main priorities as small business owners is to use our position to help give back to the local community. We believe that there are few things more important than helping people around us, often through events and fundraising.  

Each year we are involved with several philanthropic endeavors, including the Red Ball and There with Care.

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